Friday, May 4, 2012

online meanderings: help with hospitality, depression, idolatry, conversation and other stuff

Making it real - Excuses not to offer hospitality? Here are some great solutions and ideas to make it easy. Thanks, Sus!

Fighting the unholy trinity
 - Time for some JC Ryle. Food for the soul, weapons for the fight.

A prayer for serving our friends who struggle with depression - A helpful theological and pastoral guide to depression in a very small space. Scotty Smith HT Sandy.

That idol that you love doesn't love you back - Control. Approval. Comfort. Power. What's your flavour, and why are you so tired and unhappy? Justin Buzzard HT Challies.

The flight from conversation - Turn off your devices. Look someone in the eye. Talk. Listen. Converse. Here's how - and why. Sherry Turkle.

How to steady yourself in the age of compulsive mobility - "Gaze upon what is to come, and hold fast today." Jonathon Parnell.

The key to Christian growth - "Growing up, I was trained to think the way Christians grow is from experience to experience." Timmy Brister HT Vitamin Z.

I'm so glad that it's me! - "Somewhere in our discussions about boundaries, stress, suitability, workaholism, and rest, we’ve lost sight of the fact that Christian Ministry actually rocks!" Belinda.

Confessions of a recovering perfectionist - From one recovering perfectionist (Christine Hoover) to another (me).

Stop your cheatin' ways - Sleep. You know you need it. (Warning: this is not for mums with bubs, but for people who choose to skimp on sleep.)

3 simple ways to encourage your pastor - RC Sproul Jr HT Challies.

Compassion fatigue - "Pastors, caregivers, sensitive souls, bring your compassion fatigue to the ever- and always-compassionate Christ." David Murray.

8 reasons why my anxiety is pointless and foolish - Good ones, from the Bible. Justin Taylor.

Anxiety, worry and fear - There's an excellent article by Ed Welch in this online issue of Australian Presbyterian.

Being happy with the mother I am rather than the one I thought I would be - I, too, have had to struggle with being the mother I am, not the mother I thought I would be. Her family sounds a lot like ours! Jenny.

Heart guarding and other ways to whitewash a tomb - Single? Female? Know someone who is? Here's a brilliant post about guarding your heart. Rebekah.

Christian girls in a sexy world - A good article for teens (and others) about loving guys by the way we dress. Fiona Dewhurst HT Jodie and Mandy.

Prayer journalling for your husband and children - Praying through Scripture for your husband and children. Some great ideas here. Kim Campbell.

How I pray for my sons - A great model for thoughtful, biblical praying for our children. Greg.

5 reasons why I quit Facebook - A convicting and helpful article. Robbing Burger.

No, you are not "running late", you are rude and selfish - Why it's important to show up on time - in our relationships and at church. HT Sandy

What kind of blogger am I? - A great post from Lisa Writes about finding a focus for a blog.

Proverbs for Christian bloggers: Don't pick a fight that isn't yours - Have you ever wondered whether to get involved in a comment war online? Is it worth the time? Use this checklist to decide. Mike Leake.

And some books to add to my list:

Historical fiction on the New Testament world written by scholars - Justin Taylor.

Ten great biographies - I've been wanting to read more biography. I might start here. Challies.


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