Monday, May 28, 2012

this day with God: a book spine poem by Jenny

My friend Jenny sent me this book spine poem.

Pride and prejudice,
The inheritance of loss,
Girl in hyacinth blue.
Recapture the wonder,
Keep a quiet heart,
Turning points.
The hunger games,
Love and respect,
Sheet music,
This day with God.

Ah, yes! How well I know it! The small struggles and beauties of a day with God.

For more book spine poems written in response to my meme, see Meredith, Ali and Ali, and Erin - and check out Ben, who beat us to it.

If you'd like to see your own poem on this blog, send a photo and a written version to this address.

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Bek said...

Hi Jean, I finally uploaded my poem! Sorry it took me so very long to do it. Thanks for tagging me! I did it straight away and was keen to search through the rest of our library for more poems, but life got in the way. It was fun though!