Monday, June 25, 2012

the end of a term

Hi, friends.

You probably won't hear much from me during the next three or so weeks: term 2 is drawing to an end and it's nearly time for school holidays and my mid-year break from blogging. That doesn't mean I won't drop in, but it does mean I won't do much "online meandering" for a while.

It's been a difficult and discouraging term. My ministry responsibilities have been heavy, my son struggled with near-constant illness, there have been articles and seminars to write, and the few spare days quickly fill with doctor's and dentist's visits. Nothing more, and much less, than many others face; and there have been great encouragements and opportunities. But I am thankful for a time of rest.

I wish I could tell you how much God has meant to me this term. How he has been a hand to cling to and arms to hide in and strength to serve. How he shapes me with a sculptor's chisel and forgives me with a Father's grace and speaks to me with a lover's voice. How he breaks my self-sufficiency (how quickly it reforms, like ice on a pond!) and drives me into deeper dependence on his grace. How instead of turning from him, I hold more strongly to him, for without him I would be lost.

God is good, even and especially now.



Fiona McLean said...

Dear Jean,

I'm sorry to hear that it's been a tough semester for you - and encouraged by your perseverance and clinging to Jesus. I hope you (and the rest of the family) have a good break over the school holidays.

Fiona McLean

Rachael said...

Hi Jean! What've you been writing about in July? Our internet filters keep blocking any attempt I make to access your July posts, forbidden category "violence"!!??