Monday, June 4, 2012

online meanderings: the music behind all music, radical faithfulness, how not to raise kids, and more

Sorry, but I had no time to do this last week! (I was working on an article that you might see on here sometime...) Here are my favourite posts from last week.

Quote of the week.
The music behind all music - "In the triune God is the love behind all love, the life behind all life, the music behind all music, the beauty behind all beauty and the joy behind all joy." Tony Reinke on Michael Reeves.

Top five posts.
Faithful is the new radical - "Sometimes the most radical thing you can do with your life is to simply be faithful...Start your radical mission by being faithful where you are, to the people in your sphere of influence." Michael Hyatt HT Vitamin Z 

Raising gospel centred children - A humble and helpful post about how not to raise kids. "Our children had become judgmental little scoffers. Why? Because we were so busy comparing...our...choices with those of other parents that we had marginalized the gospel." Luma Simms.

JI Packer's 11th birthday present: The tale of the bicycle and the typewriter - "It was not what Packer had asked for; nevertheless, it proved to be what he needed." Justin Taylor.

In the wrong place emotionally? Memorize a Psalm in order to be moved - This has been my practice for many years. I can't recommend it highly enough! Chris Brauns HT Vitamin Z.

10 tips for going to church with your family - Some really helpful tips. Christine Jensen.

Eight more great posts.
Kids, we eat food, not crayons, not boogers - The ugliness and emptiness of sin. Gloria Furman.

7 evils of a grumbling spirit - How I needed to hear this! Wisdom from the Puritans. BJ Stockman HT Vitamin Z. 

Words and works: Why you can't preach the gospel with deeds - This important article is doing the rounds, deversedly so. Duane Litfin.

The quantity and the quality of God's provision - Do I complain because God has given me carrots not cake? Do I trust him to provide, but not to provide what is best for me? Michael Kelley.

The 20 most common things pastors hear in counselling. - Do you know how to answer them, and what Bible passages you would use to do so? It's worth being prepared. Timothy Raymond

My thoughts on unmarried Christian couples holidaying alone together - This is excellent. Pete HT my friend Steve. 

Why are so many guys addicted to internet porn and video games? - Justin Taylor on Russell Moore.

Sniffing glue. A childhood in Christian pop. - "The church has forfeited the one advantage it had in the game to attract disillusioned youth: authenticity." Meghan O’Gieblyn HT Vitamin Z

10 things nobody tells you about being a dad - A wonderful post. Daniel Darling HT Vitamin Z. 

12 guidelines for Facebook - Tim Chester wraps up a helpful series with a great little post.

Confessions of a neurotic blogger - If you want to know the thought processes of a blogger (me), read this. "No sooner than I teach or write on an important and essential spiritual truth I then find myself in desperate need of that very truth"...and then of the gospel. Lisa.

Do your word counts measure up? - "There are six stages in the creative process and in only one of those six stages do you have your fingers on the keyboard or pen on the page." Rosanne Page.

Summer road trips: Dramatized audio books for the family - Having listened to Focus on the Family's dramatized version of Narnia up and down the east coast of Australia last year, I can thoroughly recommend this. Justin Taylor.

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