Friday, June 15, 2012

online meanderings: take 12

I don't know if it's been a slow week, or if I'm getting more choosy, but there are just 12 top posts this week, plus 1 quote. Happy browsing!

"Plan your life, budgeting for seventy years (Ps. 90:10), and understanding that if your time proves shorter that will not be unfair deprivation but rapid promotion...Say to yourself often that every day is one day nearer...Get on with know to be God's task for you here and now." and see 2 Peter 5:5-9 - JI Packer quoted by Meredith

10 diagnostic questions on being missional - Some really helpful questions to ask of yourself and your church. Trevin Wax HT Vitamin Z.

Why we care instead of counsel one another - Not "counselling", but "caring for one another with the gospel". I like this. Robert Cheong.

Content to be needy - Emotionally needy? What to do when our needs aren't being met. Nancy Ann.

What the psalms do - A psalm for every emotion. Fuel for reflection and prayer next time you're feeling...something. Tony Reinke.

An open letter to Sam Harris - Letter to an atheist. Great stuff. Dave Macca.

Just as long as it's healthy - Disabled children are the beautiful work of God. John Knight.

The nowness of obedience - You can only obey God in the present moment. Rebekah Merkle.

Doing everyday church when your community is spread- "A particular instance of the consumer mentality, but a very common one is this. If church doesn’t have a big children’s programme then we find another church." Tim Chester.

The dirty little secret of endorsements - "First, as a general rule, do not attach undue importance to endorsements...Second, get to know which authors write endorsements that are credible." Challies.

The day I accused my wife of infidelity - The destructive side of seeking God's guidance through prophecy and dreams.

You are not special - Children, praise, self-esteem and a little realism. It's lot better than the speech we got as first year medical students at Melbourne University: "You are the cream of society." Hmmm.

The coolest Lego project you'll see today - You know you want to see it. HT Vitamin Z.

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