Tuesday, April 23, 2013

online meanderings

Q: Who has the worst chance of surviving a prisoner of war camp?

A: An optimist!

Optimism and faith in a POW camp - A post about tough, realistic faith.

What Gosnell and the gospel mean to the brave - I rarely post anything on abortion, because it's not the place I want to start a discussion about my faith, but this is different. This is grace and the gospel and a gift.

Tear-stained words of a mother - This heart-breaking post asks the question: when someone else's son or daughter has a mental illness, how do we respond?

How sovereign is God? - A handy list of Bible verses and a great Spurgeon quote from Justin Taylor. (And a little deja vu from my own post Just how sovereign is God?)

Book review: Being a cancer patient's carer: A guide - Macca reviews what sounds like an excellent book.
Is safe the most important thing for my kids to be? The answer is clearly no. The Christian life is not a safe life. It is a call to live counter-culturally and to willingly engage in battles that are big and costly.  Erin Davis
All injustice will be punished, either in Jesus’s wounds or by his sword. Marshall Segal

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