Friday, April 5, 2013

with the Lord forever on the other side of cancer

My friend Bronwyn Chin died last Sunday. It was Easter Day, the day we celebrate Jesus' resurrection from the dead, which seemed so fitting! For Bronwyn was always full of joy in her Saviour, and this was the day she joined him in life on the other side of death.

I only met Bronwyn last year, when I was blessed to be in a prayer group with her at a weekend conference. She was alarmingly skinny, with what she called "rock chic" hair; but she was still full of enthusiasm and laughter! We prayed for her neighbours, whom she invited over regularly so she could talk with them about Jesus. I was inspired by how she served God with all her small reserves of energy.

The day I heard the news I discovered that jogging when you're crying isn't easy. I couldn't stop thinking about and praying through tears for her husband Richard and their four children. My heart is heavy for them because I know that grief is hard. That aching absence always feels so final, even when you know it's not.

Today I'm re-reading a wonderful article Bronwyn wrote last year. It's called Thank God for the gift of cancer. In it she writes,
So I thank God for this gift of cancer because he is good and he is using it for his purposes. The plans of the Lord are perfect even if I don’t know the reasons for everything. All I know is that soon I will be with the Lord forever because Jesus alone has saved me through his death and resurrection.
I hope to see you all there!
 I'd love to encourage you to read the rest here.


Catherine said...

Hi Jean,
I have been thinking of this wonderful lady so much in the past few days, and her family who must be feeling so much grief right now. I was very humbled and encouraged by that article she wrote when I first read it last year - such a godly and trusting attitude in her illness, but still very real, too.
I have also been thinking of you in the hard year you've had with your son's sickness. I came across a verse in the Psalms that I don't ever remember having read before: "You have been recording my wandering. You Yourself, put my tears in your waterskin! Are they not in your book?" (56:8) SO precious to know that not one little tear is unknown to God! I pray that he will continue to give you grace in your need Jean, and also as you grieve the loss of a dear friend. Xx

Jean said...

I love those words in that Psalm. Beautiful. Thanks for reminding me of them. xxoo

Karen said...

Jean, I'm really sorry to hear about your friend Bronwyn :( Praying for strength and comfort for her family, and for you as well, as you remember her.