Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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When something you see or read makes you discontent ... Stop, Look, Think.

7 issues we need to address in our youth groups - with some important additions in the comments.

Are all affairs alike? - Here are 6 types. Some are easier to recognise than others, and they're not all physical.

18 things I will not regret doing with my wife

Are you a dripping tap? - 5 ways to turn nagging into encouragement.

Home and family - A fascinating look at the social conditions that gave rise to the modern home and family, and the implications for church and evangelism.

Book review: The ministry of a messy house - I have to get me a copy.
We humans, with our deep-seated pretensions to being gods, are endlessly preoccupied with worrying and tinkering with matters of salvation as if we were in charge of it. But we are not. God carries out the work of salvation; not, to be sure, without our participation, but it is God’s work done in God’s way. Eugene H. Peterson 

It may feel a bit insincere to give thanks under certain circumstances, perhaps even manipulative. But we counsel and train our hearts by such steps of obedience. Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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