Thursday, November 14, 2013

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10 words - A profound, brave piece about infertility.

A "good girl" (or not-so-good girl) wrestles with the gospel - Story of my life.

Must I read my Bible every day? - A little post about the difference between faith-based duty and legalism.

Writing mysteries - 4 disciplines at the heart of one writer's daily rituals.

18 things I will not regret doing with my husband - The series continues ...

Modesty matters - "Modesty is a virtue that shows love to others and brings glory to God through appropriate dress." Helpful.

Advice for email - "Think through your thoughts. Then boil them down to five sentences."
CS Lewis didn’t read newspapers.
He never wore a watch.
He never learned to type.
He did not own or drive a car.
He cared nothing about cutting a good appearance and wore the same old clothes until they were threadbare.
He was incredibly free from the addicting powers of the present moment.
John Piper

If you have any life left, dream like you never have. I met a missionary who was a math major in college, spent part of his life in the military, most of it as an aviation engineer, then got a seminary degree, moved to Ethiopia to teach theology, and now, at age 67, is beginning a PhD program in church history while he teaches. Does this inspire any 60-somethings out there? John Piper

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