Tuesday, November 12, 2013

online meanderings

The kind of father he is - A beautiful post about a broken castle, a hurt dad, and a bigger kind of father.

Weakness is one of our core values - Amen.

To older men: please don't retire entirely - We need you more than ever.

10 love challenges for all of us.

3 women talk about their struggle with pornography - A sobering reminder of how google, or a friend's conversation, can lead to this.

5 reasons to write in your books - Told you so!
To be one person one moment: lost. Then to be another person the next moment: found. It is the difference, as the saying really does go, between night and day. Outwardly I seemed the same, but inwardly everything had changed. I went to the window and watched the birth of the dawn. Everything, every thing appeared in this better light, this brighter light. Carolyn Weber

We’re not actually in danger of working too hard. We simply work hard at things in the wrong proportions. If you work eighty hours a week and never see your kids and never talk to your wife, people may call you a workaholic. And no doubt you’re putting a lot of effort into your career. But you may not be working very hard at being a dad or being a husband or being a man after God’s own heart. Kevin DeYoung

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