Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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Beauty in barrenness - When the longing for a baby isn't met.

Not legalists or libertarians, but free to be slaves

10 times it's wise to hold your tongue

Why we should sing songs of lament every week in church

15 ways to avoid burnout in ministry

"My ministry is harder than yours" and other lies we tell - Is it harder working with the poor or with the rich?

How to review a book - A useful guide from Challies.
Thanksgiving is supposed to be our default mode of conversation. Lionel Windsor

Today, if you want to do a little introspection, then don’t start with the heart; it might just be lying to you. Start with the tongue. Continue with the wallet. Then move onto the gospel where we will find the only true power to not change our words or our spending habits, but the heart that is behind them both. Tony Reinke

Most people will forget me, and that’s okay. But a few people will remember me, and I want to make sure I leave behind the right kind of memories. Stephen Altrogge

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