Friday, December 13, 2013

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The power of continuing to show up - When you wake up doubting, just show up.

Singleness and coupledom - Making one another feel at home. 

Living with the loss of a loved one

Loving young people seeking asylum

The road to apostasy - How to recognise it.

3 marks of righteous anger

A teenage girl, the internet, and me - Wise and fair-minded.
So quiet and still and peaceful is the town, it’s hard to capture on a blog, a place where most of us read so quickly. So imagine for a moment a slower pace and quieter place. No iPods, no headphones, no surround sound. No jets, no traffic, no trains, no ambulances racing down streets. In perfect stillness, we witness a silent invasion, like a storm of chicken-feather snowflakes twisting silently to the ground, carpeting the dirty world in brilliant holiness.

When the Savior draws close, there’s no time to clean up the mess of sin. He comes, not to place crisply wrapped boxes around a cleanly decorated tree. No. The Holy One lands unexpected in the middle of the stench of our lives. Tony Reinke

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