Tuesday, December 10, 2013

teenagers and the internet

As a parent, you go into the teen years thinking there are exact rules: give kids this. Don't do that. Then you discover that it's so much more - well, human - than that.

There's a simplicity in "one size fits all". But that's not how God works in the human heart. And it doesn't work that well in relationships either.

So I love Jenny's 5 points about parenting teenagers when it comes to technology:
  1. It's good to have a high horse to make parenting judgements from. 
  2. It's good to get down from the high horse occasionally to show that you think your child is an actual person.
  3. It's good to keep on top of technology. 
  4.  It's good to keep talking to your kids. 
  5. It's good to acknowledge that you won't know everything that's going on, because when things go wrong you aren't a hopeless parent. 

I've talked a bit about how we work it out in the comments on her post. You might want to head over there and add your thoughts.

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