Thursday, March 27, 2014

catch up

It's been a while since I let you know how we're going, and how you can pray for us. The year started with me feeling rested and eager to get into things. But life has become more complicated since then. I guess I'll take this one person at a time ...

Steve got ill with what looked like flu 10 days ago. Two days later, he woke with red swelling up the side of his face, and couldn't give his Bible talk - unheard of, this close to the start of the uni year. It turned out to be erisypelas, a rare, serious infection of the skin that required injected penicillin. He's slowly recovering, but please pray for him, as we have some concerns about his ongoing health.
After a good start to the year, I am struggling. Things are better than last year: my anxiety has decreased, and I have learned much about trusting God in suffering. But it hasn't been easy, with sick people in the house, including me - we've had a nasty virus going round - and bearing the load of multiple school and doctor's trips while Steve's ill. I am so grateful to those who have cooked meals, shopped and cared for us - you know who you are!
Lizzy has had a good start to the year. She loves year 10, is doing year 11 Visual Communications, and has a good teacher putting her through her paces in Painting and Drawing. With all that practice, she's becoming very skilled. She is working her way through Couch to 5K with me - she's up to about week 5. See if you can recognise who this is in her portrait:
Ben isn't getting a whole lot better - three days of migraines a week - so it looks like we might have to go back to the pain team at the Children's Hospital. On the other hand, he manages his "everyday" headaches well, has been at school each day for at least 2 hours, and is keeping up with his work. He just started with a physio yesterday and she seems excellent.
Thomas is growing up. There's something I love about age 10 (have I said that before?). He seems a whole lot older, and is keen not to be lumped in with the "little boys" any more. Fair enough! He's learning to serve cheerfully around the house as he grows in responsibility.
Andy is 7, and we have to stop ourselves calling him "cute" (he is, so it's hard). It's lovely still having someone young enough to bounce around and get excited about events like the athletics carnival and multicultural day at school - even when I'm not (it's my 11th year of going, so I'm a little jaded). Here he is, dressed as an Aussie:

So that's life. It hasn't been an easy term. But God is good, and holds us in his hands. I am so thankful for the way he cares for us.


Catherine said...

My, Jean, you have been having a tough time. It's good to hear your testimony of God's goodness in upholding you through it all. May he continue to give you more grace!

Catherine said...

Praying for joy in new ways foe each of you, Jean. xxc