Wednesday, March 12, 2014

what I'm reading: one reason why we suffer

I can't tell you much about Mike Leake's book Torn to Heal, as I've only read the first chapter. But I can tell you I loved that one.

Yup, I'm reading another book on suffering. Truth is, as well as being encouraged, I want to see what's out there, and what I can recommend to you.

I can tell you this much: Torn to Heal is very short. It's well-written. It came out last year (seems like every writing pastor puts out a book on suffering). That's about it.

Today I want to share a quote that rings true in my experience:
God's promises are seldom small enough to be even slightly believable. At least, until they happen ...Part of the reason God makes huge, outlandish promises is because he made us to crave huge and outlandish things. ...

God promises to satisfy us with the only thing that can - himself. This leaves no room for small promises. A god who makes promises smaller than the vastness of our ultimate desires would be a small god ... But God's promises fully match our best, highest, and innermost desires. ...

The premise of this book is that the Lord, in his goodness, will rip us to shreds if that's what it takes to replace our idols with lasting joy. He will stop at nothing to fully redeem us. He does this by changing our desires. And that is good.

I don't know about you, but I want to keep reading.

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