Tuesday, October 23, 2007

...and the rest of my day

Well, it took me a while to stop shaking(!), but the rest of the day went well.

Lizzy (9) and I had a fun girly afternoon packing her bag for camp. I've put all her outfits in plastic bags and labelled them e.g. "Thursday outdoor clothes", "disco (believe it or not!) clothes", "bus clothes". Yes, I know, I'm micro managing, but I've been told her clothes will be completely unusable after the outdoor activities, so I didn't want her to wear her good clothes by mistake.

After dinner I read her a chapter of The secret garden, all 10 pages of it, with Yorkshire accents (un)faithfully rendered. Then lots of last minute getting ready for an early start tomorrow.

Lizzy is so excited about the camp, she's telling complete strangers all about it! My shy girl has become a confident, lovely young lady.

Before she was born, I prayed for a girl (secretly!) who would be confident and independent (unlike me as a child) but also loving, gentle, sensible, responsible, caring...sometimes God says "no", but sometimes he says "yes" so exactly you could knock me over with a feather! She is a wonderful companion to me.


Gordon Cheng said...

Hey Jean, your blog is booming!

Keep those posts coming. glad your day got better.

If you woke regularly at 4 am, you would have everything organized by 5.30 am and be able to get the kids to school by 6.30.

not that I do that, but it's a thought.

Jean Williams said...