Sunday, October 21, 2007

answered prayer

Ben's teacher has encouraged me to write a letter requesting a supportive teacher for Ben during grade 2 next year. I've been told that Ben still needs lots of support, because he bursts into tears when he gets something wrong (a perfectionist like his mother - gotta love those genes!)

Two years ago, when Ben was about to start prep, I seriously considered writing to the school and asking that he not have a particular teacher, who I thought might be too harsh for him - I was told by someone that she would "eat him up and spit him out!"

On that occasion I decided to pray rather than write, since I wasn't certain. And sure enough, my heart sank when I heard that Ben had been given this teacher! But she turned out to be absolutely right for him: supportive, understanding, patient, and caring. Now there's an answer to prayer.

Last year, when Ben was about to go into grade 1, I wrote a letter asking for a supportive teacher, again because his teacher recommended this. I wrote because I figured this was part of loving and protecting Ben. But I also prayed. And again my prayers were answered.

And while I can't give you the details, a couple of months ago my prayers about Thomas' kinder teacher for next year were answered in a spectacularly specific and wonderful way!

So God is powerful and answers prayer - don't know why that surprises me, but it gets me each time. And I will be writing that letter, but I will be trusting God's love and power more.

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