Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a 4-year old ponders his place in the universe

Thomas has bitten his square of cheese all around the edges and is holding it out for my inspection.

Jean - That cheese looks like Australia!

Thomas breaks off a corner of cheese and puts it where Tasmania would be.

Thomas - NOW it looks like Australia.

Jean- Well, so it does.

Thomas - I'm certain that Africa is a long way away from our house.

Jean - Yes, it is.

Thomas - And Jupiter is even furver away! It's even in space!!!


Gordon Cheng said...

Have you noticed how people always leave Kangaroo Island off maps of Australia? And Antarctica!

It starts young.

Jean said...

Ok, now here's a challenge, Gordo: bite a map of Australia from a piece of cheese, complete with Kangaroo Island and Antarctica, take a photo, and post it on your blog.