Sunday, March 16, 2008

boring you witless

I had the terrible feeling at 9.30 last night that not only was I boring you witless, I was probably breaking numerous rules of copyright with all those long quotes on gluttony.

So I've left the quote by Os Guiness in my blog, since its excellence makes it worth repeating at length, and also because it's from an obscure out-of-print book.

Some time later this week, I hope to tell you briefly what I learnt from all the other authors I've read about food, dieting and gluttony, and you can go and look them up yourselves if you want to read more.

I've just ordered a book of essays by Dorothy L. Sayers, including a well-known essay on the "other 6 deadly sins", so it will be interesting to see what she has to say. Then there's C.S.Lewis, Richard Gibson, Graham Tomlin and Henry Fairlie on gluttony, and Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Jerry Bridges on self-control.

A veritable feast! So to speak.


Nicole said...

You're not boring me!

Jean said...

That's good, Nicole. Don't worry, the quotes are going back in - see the next post - I'm just going to spread them out a bit. I was starting to bore myself!!