Sunday, September 14, 2008

back-seat echoes

Ever noticed how the things you say to your children come back to haunt you?

A few weeks ago, I was driving the kids home from school. We were trying to turn right across an impossible intersection (I really must write to the local council about that), across 2 lanes of traffic into a busy road. We were stuck behind 8 cars containing impatient mothers and their squabbling children, stuck behind 2 cars driven by tentative learner drivers.

We watched as the L-plated car at the head of the queue sat - and sat - and inched forward - and sat - as no cars went across its path - as one light change released its long line of traffic in front of us - as no cars went across its path for another long minute or two - and as a glacier-slow yellow pavement tester (whatever that is) inched its way magisterially across the road.

You can imagine the tension building inside the car.

Until my darling daughter said, "Mum, I think God is trying to teach you patience!"

How many times I have said that to myself when we were stuck in traffic, loudly enough for the children to hear, hoping to pass on a message about how to respond to frustration, how to deal with our sinful tendences, and how to take thoughts, feelings, words and actions captive to God's truth.

It seems they were listening.

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