Sunday, September 7, 2008

coming home

I went to a wonderful conference yesterday: Belgrave Heights Women's Convention. Ainsley Poulos gave some great talks on Colossians, and I had the privilege of helping Heather Reid with a seminar on motherhood (more about that another time).

But it's the coming home I want to tell you about today.

My wonderful husband excells in looking after our 4 children on his own cheerfully and competently. So I left them in his hands without worrying.

I came home to find dinner started, the house pretty tidy, the children bathed and in their pyjamas ready for bed. Oh prince among men!*

But I was amused to find how many little tasks were left around the house, signs of a busy day:

    - bottles of bubble mixture on the front verandah;
    - rows of toys along the edge of the bath;
    - a huge pile of dirty clothes on the floor near the laundry;
    - bathers scattered around the house from Lizzy's dress-up game (don't ask me!);
    - puzzles and games on the table;
    - cups and plates next to the sink;
    - shoes and socks in odd places;
    - the remains of a one-child picnic in the hall.

Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to show for my day. What have I been doing all day, at home with my 4 children?

But there they were, the signs of all the little tasks I do, without even noticing, as I care for our home. Clearing the table for dinner. Washing the clothes. Picking up some toys as I pass them in the hall. Tasks which make our family and our home a happy and welcoming place to be.

Are you a mum at home? Take a moment to reflect on all the tasks you do every day. Not to pat yourself on the back, but to remember what a valuable thing it is to be a mother serving your family.

* Please don't compare your husband to mine at this point - unless it's a positive comparison, of course! Like yours, there are tasks my husband does, and others I would like him to do; strengths he has, and weaknesses too. See loving my husband.

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Louisa said...

Hi Jean, I had hoped to get to the conference on Sat but it wasn't to be. Had I been there I would have come along to the session on motherhood. Perhaps you could share some of the material here on the blog for those of us who weren't able to make it? God Bless, Louisa

Jean said...

I'll be sharing what I heard and taught during the next few days, Louisa. Thanks for asking!

And if you have any follow-up questions on motherhood (or anything else), please ask them in the comments or contact me and I'll do my best.

Louisa said...

oh great Jean! i will look forward to it!