Sunday, September 21, 2008

the making of a jungle cake

Our oldest son just turned 8! On the night of his birthday, we happened to read Genesis 35, the story of how Jacob's youngest son Benjamin got his name, which means "son of my right hand": a tale of grief turned to joy.

Here's our very own Benjamin with his jungle cake:

And here's how we made it. Lizzy is kneading green food colouring into some ready-made icing (500 g light green, 500 g mid green):

We rolled out the icing, and used a paper pattern to cut out the leaves:

We dried the leaves overnight, draped over some wooden spoon handles (I should have allowed a few days, like the recipe said - some of ours fell apart!):

Three cakes, made from packet mix, were layered with some green butter cream icing:

We iced the cake, and put 8 Flakes around the sides for tree trunks:

We arranged the leaves on top:

We put some plastic animals and lolly fruit in our jungle, and voila! One jungle cake:

Happy birthday Ben!

The design for this cake was from Women's Weekly's Kids' Birthday Cakes.


Simone R. said...

great cake, well done!

Two of my friends have made that cake (one as an ice-cream cake). Far too hard for me.

mattnbec said...

Happy birthday, Ben!

Love those WW birthday books. One of my stronger childhood memories of family traditions is flipping through them trying to choose which cake tohave each year. We chose some doozies for Mum to make! But we've started the same tradition in our family because it gave a tangible sense of the fact that Mum and Dad's love for us a they tried to get all the smarties to line up on the typewriter cake or get the fire engine icing red rather than pink. It made us feel really special...And I can still name a good number of the ones we had too.


Lara said...

What an awesome cake! We also had the WW birthday cake book as kids, but my mum came up with some incredible designs on her own, particularly for Strawberry Shortcake, my childhood obsession! I hope that if I ever have kids, I'll be able to make cakes like that too!

Jean said...

Yes, I once made a Pikachu (Pokemon) cake for Ben, there were no designs for that! Character cakes are easier, though, since they're normally 2D. The jungle cake was one of the trickiest I've made. It would have been a lot easier if I'd used the right icing recipe! Mine kept running down the sides. ;)

Carolyn said...

I always make my kids birthday cakes and I enjoy designing them myself. Both my kids are born around christmas (and so are my husband and I) so I feel like it helps them to know their days are special and not just lost in the season. One of my favourires was when Tom turned 5 and I copied a picture he had drawn of a spaceman landing on a planet onto the cake using icing in rhe same colours. He was chuffed to have designed it himself!!

How long did it take you to eat all that jungle cake??

Jean said...

That would imply we've already eaten it ... let's see, we've eaten about a tenth so far. I might have to learn how to freeze cake! :)