Wednesday, April 1, 2009

going to work with Daddy

I'm going to work with Daddy because one day I might be doing the same work he does. I will be the leader of a family too one day, and I need to learn how. That's what Ben told his Sunday School teacher the other evening.

It's not always easy for boys to know what goes on in their Daddy's lives. Often, Mummy is there all the time: cleaning, cooking, picking them up from school and dropping them off at sport. But what does Daddy do? Does he sit in front of the TV all day? After all, that's what he does for an hour every evening when he comes home tired from work.

So we've made a deliberate decision to encourage our boys to spend time with their Dad at work.

Last Tuesday, Ben skipped school (he was very upset about that, as you can imagine) and took the train into town with Steve, where he sat through several meetings as his Daddy taught uni students about Jesus. He was privileged to hear The Backyard Bard give a one-man performance of the entire gospel of Luke, which made it an extra learning experience!

On the weekend Ben went to work with Daddy again, this time to a student camp, while I stayed home with the other kids to help Lizzy recover from school camp. Ben read books and played his Nintendo DS, clambered over lots of patient male students, and heard his Daddy teach the Bible.

He's already offering advice to Steve. He said before the camp, I've heard you're doing some talks on the Song of Songs. If I had to do a talk on a book of the Bible, I probably wouldn't choose that one. But it should be interesting!

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Emma P said...

(My husband Ben typed this.......)
This is sensational. This is ministry training/discipleship at its very heart. If col marshall has taught me anything it is that the biblical paradigm for ministry training is parenthood. You guys have captured it beautifully.

Jean said...

Thanks, Ben! :)