Saturday, April 18, 2009

school holidays

It's the end of the school holidays in Victoria. As always, it's been chaotic, noisy, messy, fun, and even a little relaxing. It's been lovely to spend some one-on-one time with the kids. In between all the haircuts and dentist appointments, we even got around to some baking and artwork projects! And we went on a few outings to an art museum and local parks. I'll miss the kids terribly when they go back to school, but I won't say no to a little more order and silence in the house. :)

The kids decorated cookies:

We played card games together:

Lizzy and I created a work of art:

We climbed some trees:

The kids created cubbies using every chair and blanket in the house:

We went for a walk and fed some ponies:

The boys made huge "armies" of toys and fought each other:

Lizzy got a new, grown-up haircut:

We visited the Heide Museum of Modern Art:

And, of course, we had an Easter egg hunt:

So you can see, it was a fun school holiday after all. God bless you, whether you're in the middle of work, school or holidays, wherever you may be!

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