Saturday, April 25, 2009

tell us about your prayer life

The other day I told you about how I organise my prayer life. In the comments at the bottom of the screen, you'll find encouraging stories from other readers about how they pray.

You might like to click here and tell us about your prayer life. How do you make time for prayer? Do you pray at regular times, or at odd times throughout the day? How do you remember to pray for all the people you want to pray for?

We'd love to hear from you - we can learn a lot from each other!

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks to Jean and everyone else. Really helpful to hear how you all think about your prayer lives. Love the circles Jean... I am a very visual thinker and made my fingers itch to do up a circle design to put in my prayer journal!

I use a journal, its just a note book really. In the book goes everything and it goes with me everywhere... sermon notes, bible study notes, personal bible reading notes, prayers and attempts at poetry/psalms. I like having it all together as when I pray I can reflect all the things that I've been learning as well.

I have a list of 'people groups' a bit like yours at the back of the book but usually forget to look at it and pray 'as lead' so to speak.

Anyway if I get around to doing that circle design I will blog about it and link to you.

Thanks! :-)