Friday, October 9, 2009

a dental adventure

The other day, Thomas went to the dentist to have a tooth filled.

To hear him talk, you'd think it was an exciting adventure. Which maybe it was, along the lines of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, since he had laughing gas to help him keep still.

Here's Thomas' story of what happened.

The dentist gave me happy, tickly gas (laughing gas).

She put sleepy juice on my tooth (numbing cream).

She gave me a mosquito bite (a needle).

She had a vacuum cleaner which blew out all the plug monsters (plaque monsters).

I met Mr. Whistler and Mr. Tickle (drill bits).

She painted my tooth blue and white (the filling).

She gave me a special prize for being so good! (sugar-free chewing gum)

When can I go back and have another filling?

The dentist told Thomas that the sugar-free chewing gum she gave him came all the way from Japan and was "the best thing in the world". Thomas was completely convinced. He took it to school for share time and told his class it was "the best thing in the world", so they probably all want to go and see the dentist now.

If only I found going to the dentist this much fun!

image is from jelene at flickr


Caroline said...

It sounds like you've found a real treasure in that dentist!

Jean said...

Oh, yes, Mai is wonderful and is now a family treasure! She has 3 kids herself and knows how they tick. But there's another dentist at our practice - Anna - who is just as dearly loved, and Thomas tells me he wants to take turns. So we are truly blessed. :)