Friday, October 16, 2009

happy 2nd bloggy birthday!

Two years ago, I wrote my first post on in all honesty. When I re-read those early posts, I'm astounded by the joy and enthusiasm I brought to blogging way back in the days of innocence! I'm a lot more aware of the downside now, but I still love blogging.

One of the best things about blogging is meeting so many wonderful, godly women. Many of you have become friends, and I thank God for the encouragement and wisdom you've given me, and each other, over the years, and for the way he's used you to clarify my thinking on so many topics I never thought I'd be writing about!

Today's your chance to drop in and say "hi". If you've never commented before, or even if you comment regularly, why not post a quick comment here today? I'd love to hear from you!

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BGSydneyside said...

Oh, first one :) Happy Bloggie Birthday Jean!

Kirsty Holland said...

I lvoe your blog. Most of the Tought provocking posts I am saving up to read thru while I am on maternity leave... but it is GREAT that someone is actually thinking thru these things.
I did love your comment on why we need to cmoe up with philosophies for things... without them I wouldn't be able to think straight thru things!

U R a blessing and I pray that you will have the time and energy to continue in some capacity to put things in this blog- even if it isn't everyday... It is about quality- not quantity!

Thanks so much and Godbless

Meredith said...

Yes indeed! Happy 2nd bloggy birthday. COngratulations on writing the best blog there is!!
God bless you richly as you seek to love and serve Him in all that you do.
Love Meredith xx

charissa said...

Happy bloggy birthday Jean!!
Thanks for all your hard work in blogging. I always appreciate your insights.

mattnbec said...

Let me add my happy blogging birthday wishes! Thanks for serving us all in this way. God has encouraged and challenged me through your words. May he continue to bless you, including as you attempt to reduce your blogging and balance life better.

Love Bec

Jean said...

Thanks, everyone, I appreciate it!

Katrina said...


Happy blogging birthday to you. I first came across your blog about a year ago when I was searching the internet under the category of "teaching theology to children". Your blog was a real gem of a find for me. Without the tool of the internet it's highly unlikely a woman in the U.S. (Minnesota specifically) would have opportunity to share the personal thoughts of a woman in Australia, and with such ease. I appreciate the resources you post on your blog. They are valuable to Christian women. I have a link from my blog to your blog and have had comments from my own readers about how they enjoy reading your blog.

A final note of encouragement (I hope). I have read your recent posts about scaling back your amount of blogging, and I admire how you're heeding the correction of God in your life in this way. Please note: The frequency of your blog posts means nothing to me. It is the content I appreciate the most. Even when you are talking about your children or daily activities, you keep it gospel-centered. And that is what godly women would like to read about it.

So, I will end this lengthy comment with these words.
Thank you and keep it up (in whatever manner you are able at this time).

Jean said...

Thanks, Karina, and what an encouraging comment! :)

Lucy said...

Happy (late) blogday Jean. I always enjoy reading your thoughts - thanks so much for all the hard work you put in to encouraging other women to be godly and think about things that will help us grow as christians :)