Thursday, October 1, 2009

a new paragraph on childcare

It may look like I've forgotten about childcare, but I haven't! I've been taking some time to read and reflect on the issues, and I'll share what I've discovered during the next couple of weeks. I've also added a new paragraph to my original post a question of childcare (1) attitudes. Here it is:

wisdom and motherhood
While it's right to talk about the "high calling" and "sacrifice" of motherhood, we mustn't forget that we're creatures, not the Creator. God made us to need sleep, rest and exercise. This includes mums! If we saw someone working 24/7 without rest, we'd rightly be concerned. But we often have this expectation of the ideal SAHM. It doesn't help that mums in our society are often shut away from adult company and the support of extended family. Some women thrive in this context, but others struggle. It's important to be aware of what helps us stay emotionally and physically healthy as we serve our families (exercise? mental stimulation? adult company?), and to try to work out ways to make these things happen - but only to the benefit, not harm, of our children.

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Simone R. said...

A great paragraph!