Friday, October 23, 2009

it's a bird! it's a plane! no, it's Super Froggy!

We call him "Froggy". He calls himself "Super Froggy".

We say, "Hey Andy, you're cute!" He says, "No I'm not. I'm Super Froggy!"

Super Froggy can jump "vewy, vewy high".

Don't worry: despite appearances, Super Froggy never hurts himself. He's been jumping since he could walk.


mattnbec said...

Great action shots!

The interchange about cute-ness sounds so familiar! There are several responseswe get from our 2.5yo boy, but one of them is: "No I'm not. I'm Aslan. ROAR!" Can you guess what our kids have been watching the DVD of?!


Sharon said...

That is beautiful! We have our almost-3yo son saying "I not Sammy, I Spider Boy!" at the moment. Then at other times he wants us to jump around the house with him while he says "Ribbit! Ribbit!", so I felt a stab of familiarity with this post.

~ Sharon