Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a letter to my readers...

To all my lovely readers,

As you know, I've been trying something new on in all honesty: linking to some of the blog posts I read and enjoy each week in my online meanderings. This is a 6-month experiment, the question(s) of the moment being, "How long can I keep this up? Will it drive me completely crazy?? Just how long does 6 months take???"

Well, it's only 2 months in, and it's driving me just a le-e-e-etle crazy (can you tell?). I'm a black-and-white person, and I find it hard to do things by halves. When I see "57 unread posts" in my RSS folder, what do I do? I read (*cough* skim *cough*) them all!!! Not good for my mental health - or for my poor neglected family. (Actually, they're not neglected, but it is doing my head in.)

So here's Stage 2 of The Grand Linking Experiment. I've pared down my RSS folder and put the must-reads at the top: blogs by friends, women's blogs I love, and some from the wider blogosphere. I'm going to post the links I like on Facebook and Twitter, and put just my favourites in my online meanderings (yes, Jean, you can do it!).

What does this mean for you? If you want to see the blog posts I like, here's how. Just click on one of these links, and like/follow me there:

I post links on Facebook and Twitter most days. I'd love to have you join the conversation. Can't wait to see you there!

Love Jean. xxx

image is by MrBG from flickr


Sarah said...

Thanks for doing this series, Jean. I've really enjoyed it.

...BUT I can see how it would be very time-consuming, especially with all those links. Facebook and Twitter make it much easier. Click Share and you're done. :)

It has been great to read a few new blogs that I wouldn't have found otherwise, but it's better that you don't exhaust yourself. I do one post per year highlighting my 5 favourite posts for that year (and it is hard to choose much good stuff out there).

Jean said...

:) Thanks, Sarah!

Yeah, I'm going to try just posting a few. If it continues to be a stress, I'll stop doing it!

I could never choose 5 a year...well done you!

Love Jean.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jean, you are human after all! I was wondering how you managed to read so many blogs (and presumably do something on Twitter, catch up on Facebook etc), write coherently for the Briefing and get round to clearing the table and folding the laundry or hug your children! Sounds like a wise decision to pare things down. I do love reading your stuff, so thank you, I appreciate the work you put in, the wisdom God gives you and the challenges you throw out.
Your sister in Christ,
Lorna Cudmore

Unknown said...

Good on you for being sensible. I'll miss them, I was using them as my "extend yourself" Internet time.


Jean said...

Lorna, you make me giggle. I am oh, so very human! I just drive myself too hard - because I, like you, am a sinner, and my particular idols involve unpleasant things like "control" and "busyness" and "structure" and "usefulness" and...I think I'll shut up now! God is so very gracious and good to us.

Jean said...

Hi Pam,

I didn't say I'll stop them all together - just pare them down. At least, I'm going to try that for a while! Hopefully they will still be useful to you. If you want more, you can always look me up on Facebook. :)

Love Jean.