Saturday, March 3, 2012

so what team are we on exactly?

The other night I was reading the story of the plagues in Egypt to Thomas (eight) and Andy (five), using the The Big Picture Storybook Bible - which, by the way, we're loving this time around - when Andy declared, in a tone of great surprise,

"You mean the Israelites were on the good team?!?!?Add Image

I always thought they were on the bad team!!!"

Well, we have been reading Ezekiel. So he's either been listening better, or worse, than I thought.

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Surprised Rach said...

Fantastic!! :) It's so true of my experience of reading the Bible too - thinking to myself, 'Hang on, so God chose THESE people to be his people - these rebellious sinners? Why on earth?'
But such a reminder of His mercy to those who acted like the 'bad team'!