Friday, June 21, 2013

I've got nuffin'

I'd love to write something, but I've got nuffin'. It's one of those times when life drains your energy and fogs your mind till there's no space left for the happy drifting thoughts that lead to writing. Besides, all my thoughts turn to suffering at the moment (have you noticed?) and I've had about enough of myself writing about myself for now.

Instead, fill my thoughts with Jesus. Fill them with God's Son made flesh. Fill them with his sacrificial days and his poured-out death and his coming back to life. Fill them with the King, ruling at God's right hand. Fill them with the day when he'll return and take us home.

Fill them with God, my shelter and my strength. Fill them with his wise ruling of my days and every moment of my future. Fill them with his love, love that overflows and sings to me despite my unworthiness. Fill them with his strength that helps me endure, and his grace that helps me rejoice.

Then let me go out and serve. Let me lay down my life through these complicated days. Let me fight anxiety and discouragement for his name's same. Let me drink deeply of his forgiveness when I give way to grumpiness and self-pity. Let me somehow, in all that is happening, in the sickness and the tears, bring him glory. Let me bear witness to his goodness.

Let me run this race to the end.


Deb said...

Plough on. Plough on. He sends rain and sun and harvest. Just plough on. Praying for you.

Meredith said...

You've got nothing.
And you've got everything.
Praying that you will indeed know the riches of God's goodness today.

Anonymous said...

This is a season and you are living the season well. I can just here the Lord saying, 'Well done, good and faithful servant'. In the Psalm it says that they who sow in tears will reap with joy. This season of sowing will result in an abundant harvest dear sister. And remember, that the Lord dances over you, He delights in because you are His child; His most treasured possession in Christ. Therefore choose joy and stand firm in faith in the knowledge of who you are in Christ. A redeemed child of God who Has the Spirit of His Risen Son alive in you! Start dancing and rejoice!

Jean said...

Thanks, sisters!