Friday, June 14, 2013

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God's will for your wait 1 and 2 - When life seems to be all about waiting, big or small.

Wrestling with doubt 1 and 2 - A woman with a chronic illness writes about doubt.

The big question of grief - "Who am I now?" Wise and gentle thoughts.

5 notes on dating for the guys - Worth reading and passing on.

When your teen doubts their salvation - Helpful advice and resources.

What atheists look like - “I really can’t consider a Christian a good, moral person if he isn’t trying to convert me.”

Reaching Muslims with the gospel of God - An interview about Islam.
When it comes to the ongoing work of grace, he is a dissatisfied Redeemer. He won’t forsake the work of his hands until all has been fully restored. Paul Tripp
Father, I have complained about my body when I ought to thank you for it. I have grumbled at its pains and been dissatisfied with its shape. Bring me to a state of shocked wonder at its intricacies, in awe of its marvels. Into a body not dissimilar to mine, and into flesh constituted like mine, you entered, O God, for my salvation. I praise you for it because of and through Jesus Christ. Amen. Georgianne  

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