Friday, June 28, 2013

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"Where is your God?" - When trouble and doubt come, where is God?

Laying aside the weight of self and The pursuit of a Lisa I will like - Two excellent posts about self-absorption and self-esteem

Bosses don't give gold stars and other career advice - A thoroughly helpful post from Carolyn McCulley. Adapted from her coming book.

Mid-life and ministryAvoiding an affair and Solutions for your troubled soul - Three posts for pastors that will speak to everyone else too.

Doubting your doubts - An excellent new blog with lots of great posts about doubt.

Read along with your teenagers - Better than parenting books. Absolutely!
We are sought. And because we are sought, we are found. And only when we are found do we look back and realize just how lost we truly were.  Michael Kelley 
God has Himself become our refuge from Himself. For when God is against you, where else can you turn except to God? When we were running from Him, the only place for us to go was to Him. Michael Kelley

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