Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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Caring for a sick wife - Beautiful words, wise thoughts, tears in my eyes.

5 notes on dating for the guys - A helpful post for young men.

Deadly, dull and boring - I learned a lot from this article on teaching the Bible.

One small tip to help you be more productive - Small, but effective.

How can single mothers raise godly young men - 4 helpful suggestions.

Book review: Glimpses of grace - If you're a homemaker, working outside the home or not, this book sounds brilliant.

Thoughts on some difficult passages about women in the Old Testament - Making a note of this one.
The sea of this world interrupts our course, even although we already see where we are headed … Therefore, cling to Christ … He became the one, on which the weak may be borne, and cross the sea of this world and reach their native country; where there will be no need of a ship, for no sea is crossed. – Augustine of Hippo (Tractate 2 on John 6)
When your sermon [or Bible study, or Sunday school lesson] isn't that great, stop allowing your identity to be wrapped up in your performance. So you hit a single. God is still God. You are still you. Philip Nation

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