Saturday, September 14, 2013

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I didn't love my wife when we got married - A fantastic post on the lies we're sold about love.

When my ministry feels as small as the widow's two coins - Giving our all, even when we're scared, even when it's small.

Gifts or needs? - "Was I operating in a gift of mercy? Or was I operating in a gift of administration? What about healing? Shouldn't I have stopped to consider my spiritual gifts before offering to help?"

Romanticizing adoption - There is no such thing as adoption without suffering, whether it's ours or God's.

How to serve families with disability - "It frequently isn’t the “big things” that are sapping our strength and hope, but the constant little things that wear away at the foundations of our lives."

The introverted mother, her unique problems, and some solutions.

Why bother reading? - "Many evangelicals are suffering from malnourished imaginations. This impedes their ability to live coherently in the world."

On asylum seekers in Australia - A letter from Bishop Eugene Hurley to Tony Abott.
There is only one thing that I dread: not to be worthy of my sufferings. - Dostoyevsky

I definitely went through a period when I thought I would make the experiment of unbelief, and it lasted several months, and it felt so wrong. It was as if the ceiling of the universe had come down, so that it was just over my head. By attempting not to think in religious terms, the validity of religious terms came rushing back, and from that point on I dreaded the idea of the contracted universe. Marilynne Robinson (part of a great article)

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