Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Scowling at the angel - A beautifully written testimony to a marriage full of sin and grace.

Courage in the ordinary - "I'm realizing that, for me, being in the house all day with a baby and a two-year-old is a lot more scary and a lot harder than being in a war-torn African village." Encouraging.

Suffering service - I love the analysis of sin and suffering in this article on depression. 

Women need more than Proverbs 31 and Titus 2, they need the gospel context they come in. Some day I want to write a book about this. No, really.

6 reasons to bother with daily Bible reading and prayer "Many days it may seem mundane. But we will be surprised at the cumulative power they have to deepen our love for and awareness of him."

How to respond to the bombing of Christians in Pakistan

Dieting - or grace? - The key to change.

The life-cycle of happiness - Fascinating, if slightly depressing. Care for a spot of mid-life, anyone?
Your sorrow is all known to your loving, compassionate Savior; whose wisdom appointed it, whose love sent it, whose grace sustains it, and who will soothe and strengthen with His tenderest sympathy. - Octavius Winslow

Christians are not called to shuffle the decks with our sin. We don’t assume it’s here to stay. We don’t set up programs and practices to rubber-stamp our sin. We don’t expect our friends to only nod empathetically when we tell them that we spoke unkindly, ate greedily, or watched covetously. Even after we come to faith and our sin debt is fully and gloriously paid, we still have to attack sin. We still have to wake up every morning and fight it. Owen Strachan

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