Sunday, September 15, 2013

online meanderings

What binds up broken relationships - "We all desperately desire to locate our problems outside ourselves. Our greatest problem is inside of us and the only solution is outside."

26, unmarried, and childless - "Instead of asking me what’s next, ask me what’s now."

6 questions to print out and ask your spouse regularly - I love this idea.

9 lessons in how to break up with someone - An excellent post on a rare topic.

Sleeptide and the motor city - "At night, in the quiet, the hearts of my children lay just a bit more open. And their questions rise with the moon... " Breathtaking.

On the science of introversion and extroversion. - I'm fascinated by studies that show introverts prefer less stimulating environments. That's me.
I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the Rock of Ages. Charles Spurgeon

We fear being weak and vulnerable and dependent, yet this is what God desires. God intentionally places us in positions were we must rely only on Him. When we see our weakness and inability to fix or change whatever has befallen us God rejoices! He says, “Yes, now you are getting it!” When your heart begins to look at what God wants to accomplish in the suffering is when you begin to grow wise, and when you let go of the independence and insistence that you can fix it is when we begin to grow and change. Julia Ganschow

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