Sunday, July 27, 2008

health update: Lizzy

Regular readers may remember how anxious I've been about my daughter Elizabeth's health. She's been tired and ill for a number of months now.

Her blood tests showed she might have coeliac disease like her father, which is an intolerance to gluten. It's a life-long condition, but manageable with a gluten-free diet.

Well, she had a gastroscopy during the school holidays. On our way to Bright, I rang the hospital for the results, and it was confirmed: she does have coeliac disease.

I was relieved that my worst fears hadn't been realised. We're used to coping with this condition, although some of our favourite stir-fry sauces may be inappropriate for Lizzy (aaargh! says the family cook).

But Lizzy is exclaiming in delight right now. She's just discovered she can eat "wheat glucose syrup", the main ingredient in most lollies! Lizzy's weekly trip to the milk-bar to buy a $1.00 packet of lollies is very important to her.

Here's some photos of Lizzy, waiting in the hospital for her gastroscopy ...

recovering afterwards...
and eating one of her last icecream cones.Goodbye icecream cones! Goodbye wheat, rye and barley! And hello gluten free bread, rice crackers, and rice cakes!

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Nicole said...

Glad that you know what's going on now... and that it was relatively good news.