Friday, July 11, 2008

when called to do less than our best

I just spent a week on a conference where I spent many hours minding children while my husband gave some wonderful talks. Yes, I did get a chance to lead a seminar on enjoying God - more about that another time - but mostly I cared for our children.

I won't pretend there weren't many moments when I felt resentful about my lot of wiping snotty noses and comforting a miserable 2-year-old. But what a joy to hear Steve speak on the great truths of the faith, and reflect on how my service helped make this possible!

Here's some posts which reminded me of the beauty of service:

More Like Christ reminded this perfectionist that God may call me to do "less than my best", to serve him in ways which don't seem to use my gifts and training.

The Homemaker's Secret of Fulfilment reminded me of Jesus' promise that we will find ourselves as we lose ourselves in serving others.

Homemaking is not a holding pattern encouraged me to love my children with whole-hearted enthusiasm, not thinking wistfully "When this stage of life is over, then I can ...".

And it holds true for guys, too: One Productive Life tells the moving story of Warfield, whose life was made much smaller by his devoted care for his invalid wife.

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