Tuesday, July 29, 2008

motherhood: a big vision

A mother will delight most in the little baby in front of her when she has a vision of God and a vision of the world that's big enough to admit that this little child has a destiny in front of him or her and might become this or that.

If she is totally circumscribed by her little home—with no vision for the world—then I think her domestic scene is probably going to shrivel up on her. But if she sees it in the wider context of the missionary enterprise, I think every detail of her life can take on a global significance.

I still remember the day I held my first-born week-old son in my arms, and wondered what he would become.

The memory is crystal clear: I was standing in the hallway, cradling him in my arms before I tucked him into bed, and gazing down at his tiny, wrinkled face.

What would this child become? Would he teach the Bible, filling hungry people with God's word? Would he give up the comforts of life in Australia, and go overseas, to help people in desperate need, and share Jesus with those who haven't heard? Would he become a carpenter, a mathematician, or a teacher, speaking of his hope in Christ with those who would listen?

So many possibilities! And me with an entire childhood to love and care for this child, teach him the truth about God, train him in wisdom and righteousness, and inspire him with the vision of a needy world and the joy of knowing the Saviour.

When I pray for my children, I give them up to God, to use as he will in his big saving plan. If they go overseas, I know I won't see them or my grandchildren as often. I know they may be in danger. I can only imagine the immensity of the cost for me and them.

But my children are God's, not mine. I want to encourage them to love God with every fibre of their being, and gladly spend themselves in his service.

Motherhood sometimes feels like the walls are closing in around me. But motherhood is so much bigger than the four walls of this home.

These are my reflections on this post by Nicole. The quote is an excerpt from Piper's answer to the question How can eternity influence a mother's daily tasks?.

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