Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the importance of cheerfulness

We've just returned from a glorious week's holiday in Bright.

Those who have been with me from the beginning - hello faithful few! - may remember a particularly whiny post I wrote about staying in a different house than usual for our annual holiday.

Our children felt the same. On the way they whinged, "But I love that other house! Why do we have to stay in a different one? It's not fair!"

Me? I hate change, and I wasn't enjoying anticipating this one. But I was determined my mouth would be full of thankful words. "God has given us this house. He knows what's best for us! It'll be different to the other house, but I'm sure it will be good in its own way. Let's be thankful and cheerful, not whiny!"

The kids were unconvinced. But maybe they'll remember how to be thankful.

And me? My words of thankfulness changed my heart. The unhappiness which would normally overcome me at the sight of a tiny garden, no views, a little lounge room, and new sleeping arrangements (I told you I don't like change!) were replaced with feelings of cheerfulness and hopefulness.

God answered my prayers for renewal and refreshment. I spent many a precious half hour wending my lonely way through green parks beside swift running water, breathing deep of the chilly air, gazing up at bare branches and cloud-topped mountains. My heart is brimming with thankfulness.

Ever noticed how the words you speak make their way into your heart?


Nicole said...

Glad you had nice week away!

Jean said...

Thanks, Nic.