Saturday, July 26, 2008

online meanderings: on how (not) to be miserable

When my mind's in a mess, and I'm worried and fearful, or confused and overwhelmed, I love to get away for a couple of hours with a Bible, a journal and a pen.

I write down my problems and tangled thoughts. I pray about them. I look up relevant Bible passages, write them down, and think about them. I wrestle with God and my thoughts on paper. I write down new ways of thinking and living which have come to me as I've prayed and read.

I go away refreshed and comforted, with my thoughts in order, encouraged by God's truth, and equipped to move forward in obedience to him.

While we're on the topic of memorising the Bible, I'm reading through the Psalms at the moment. As I get older, I love the Psalms more and more. I find my own struggles mirrored in their pages. They give words to my feelings, and help me to go on. So I've decided to memorise some of the Psalms. I loved this post by Piper, on what to do when a Psalm is not your situation.

Others who are suffering may find comfort in this post, about God's pruning.

And mothers of new babies, overwhelmed and teary, are reminded here to ask for help. How can you help them? Check out cooking meals for others.

Of course, there's another way forward when you're struggling: you can ignore God's help, and choose to be miserable. Here's a sparkling post on how to be miserable.

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