Friday, October 10, 2008

are you afraid of the Spirit?

"Mark Driscoll said:

Many of you are afraid of the Holy Spirit.
You betcha, Mark. Aren't you? The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. I fear the Lord's Spirit like I fear the strength of a storm. May it always be so. Amen."


from on Driscoll's 18 points


Justin said...

Of course, I am being a little cheeky.

I do fear the Lord's Spirit, as I ought. But at the same time, I pray that we continue to develop a full and vocalized theology of work of the Spirit in our lives and in the life of the local church, and that we see His work in all the world.

Thanks for the link, Jean. I am a lurker on your Blog...

Jean said...

Hello fellow lurker!

Cheeky, yes. Excellent point, yes!

May we all share your profound fear of our great God. No tame puppy dog or chummy buddy. But a God whose work can't be contained or resisted. A God to be loved and served with trembling and awe.

Thanks for your insights. :)