Wednesday, October 8, 2008

songs for the discouraged

Yesterday I was reminded of such a simple thing to do when you're feeling discouraged.

The black dog was sitting on my shoulder all day. It was one of those days all mothers are familiar with, when you feel like you spend all day mooching around the house, listlessly doing chores and responding to children's tantrums, but achieving nothing of any value. I did an hour or so's cleaning, but I also wasted vast acres of time: or that's how it felt.

By school pick-up time I'd lost any impetus I had when the day began. I was sitting, staring into space, close to tears, wondering how anyone - friends, family, God - could possibly love such a useless blot on the face of the earth as me.

While I was cooking dinner, I did something I haven't done for a while: I put on a Christian music CD. It happened to be Valley of Vision, but it could just have well have been Jars of Clay or City on a Hill. And - just like that! - the black dog turned tail and ran away, and my focus shifted from my own glooms and inadequacies, to Jesus' death on the cross for me, and his wonderful, amazing, irresistible grace.

I think I might add that to my list of things to do when you're depressed. Allowing others to preach the gospel to you when you're struggling to preach it to yourself: now there's wisdom.


jeanamarie said...

in a lot of ways, that is so true ... especially the part about allowing others to preach the gospel to you when you can't yourself ...

and doing something you really enjoy while depressed helps so much too.
sometimes it's finding the motivation to get that far, though, that is more the problem. This was a very encouraging post - thank you!

mattnbec said...

Mmm. Really helps me too.

Rachach said...

Thanks Jean. I am encouraged.
PS. I love you!