Saturday, October 4, 2008

next term at in all honesty

We'll soon be starting a new series on Biblical womanhood at in all honesty.

You may be aware that Equip Books has just finished Feminine Appeal. I know many of you have been reading along. I've enjoyed reading the book, listening to the talks the book is based on, and reading Nicole's excellent posts at Equip Books. It's raised lots of issues for me, and I know some of you are planning to read the book this term, so I thought we'd look at Biblical womanhood together.

Can I suggest you do one of three things:
- get a copy of Feminine Appeal, and read it along with me, a chapter a week;
- download the talks To Teach What is Good the book is based on, and listen to one a week;
- if you've done both already, contribute thoughts and comments to our discussions.

The book and talks are based on Titus 2:3-5, but the Bible has a lot to say about Biblical womanhood, so we'll cast our net a little wider. Here's some topics I'd like to cover:

  • teaching and training younger women in Biblical womanhood
  • fearing God and living in his grace
  • loving our husbands
  • loving our children
  • being self-controlled, temperate, and prudent
  • being pure, and caring for our husbands sexually
  • managing our homes, being hard-working rather than idle
  • being kind, and rich in good deeds - caring for relatives, offering hospitality, serving fellow believers, helping the needy
  • submission, and the gentle, quiet, trusting spirit which makes submission possible
  • using our words for faithful instruction, rather than gossip, slander and quarreling
  • the unfading beauty of a godly woman
I won't reinvent the wheel, I'll direct you to Nicole's excellent posts at Equip Books. I'll also point you in the direction of some other useful posts, talks and books, share my own struggles and what I've learnt, discuss how to train younger women in these qualities, and try to answer questions you've asked me about these issues. Hopefully we can talk a bit about how they apply to single women too.

Another book you might want to read with me is Pilgrim's Progress. In November, I'll be posting some discussions on this book at Equip Books. This book has taught me so much about persevering in the Christian life, battling sin and Satan, and keeping to the straight and narrow way. Even if you only read a children's version to your kids, you'll be encouraged in your Christian life, and it will make the discussion more interesting for you.

So grab a copy of these great books, download Carolyn Mahaney's talks, and start reading and listening!


Sharon said...

I'm looking forward to your thoughts Jean.
~ Sharon

mattnbec said...

Me too.


Jean said...

Thanks, girls!

Rachach said...

Count me in Jean. Looking forward to it.