Thursday, October 23, 2008

online meanderings and resources: marriage

While we're on the topic of loving our husbands, here's a few posts, books and talks on marriage I've enjoyed.

If you're reading Feminine Appeal, take a look at Nicole's thoughtful discussion of Chapter 2: Loving your Husband. She usefully balances the importance of intimacy with your husband in The Erec and Enide Phenomenon. You'll also enjoy her Sola Panel post on how to choose a husband.

Carolyn Mahaney and her daughters at GirlTalk are currently writing a series on doing good to your husband: keep an eye on it, it's worth a long, slow read. You might be particularly interested in Carolyn Mahaney's post on loving your husband in a difficult marriage. And to remind us that we should love our husbands in our actions even when we don't feel love, see a woman of action.

I like the highlight Sarz picks out of Feminine Appeal.

Jess, as always, has lots to say about marriage: intentional marriage is an excellent post on maintaining love in marriage, and I loved husband on a wife imposed rice diet.

If it's books on marriage you're looking for? I've dipped into these, rather than read them from cover to cover, but they come highly recommended, and I like what they have to say about the purpose of marriage. They're listed in increasing order of theological complexity, the first being a practical guide to marriage:
Christopher Ash Married for God
Christopher Ash Marriage: Sex in the Service of God
Andreas Kostenberger God, Marriage and Family

If you'd like to hear some talks on marriage, here's some good ones (I've listened to some, not all):
Claire Smith - Different by Design - talks 4 & 5 are on submission within marriage, talk 6 is on Proverbs 31; talk 4 is particularly relevant to those married to non-Christians
Carolyn Mahaney - Loving my Husband, Being Subject to my Husband, Celebrating Marital Love, Watch your Man
John Piper - Marriage: A Matrix of Christian Hedonism (thanks for the recommendation, Dave McKay - is this the one?) and a wonderful looking bunch of sermons on marriage which I must listen to sometime!


Sharon said...

I love that post by Jess about the rice diet. And the comments are very illucidating as well. Thanks for the link.
~ Sharon

Anonymous said...

I see you have already linked to John Piper's "wonderful looking bunch of sermons on marriage". As a narrower subset I particularly have enjoyed his more recent 2007 series on marriage. He has compiled them into a book that has just come out, "This Momentary Marriage".

To find them online go to this link to his 2007 sermons and look at the ones from January 28 through July: There are a couple of off topic sermons to bypass for things like Easter services, a couple of funeral services, and a graduation sermon.