Saturday, October 4, 2008

potatoes, potatoes, potatoes

Don't you just love a bargain?

A couple of weeks ago, I saw potatoes for half price at our local supermarket. There's 6 people in our family, and we eat a lot of potatoes. So I bought six 3kg bags of potatoes.

Ok, maybe I overdid it.

I came home, and piled the bags into the corner cupboard. Three days later, I opened one of the plastic packets (well, they were ventilated) to discover that the potatoes were already starting to go mouldy. So into a big cloth sack they went, and back into the cupboard.

Two weeks later, and as you can see, the potatoes are starting to grow roots. We are still eating potatoes.

Mashed potatoes.
Cottage pie.
Baked potatoes with topping.
Scalloped potatoes.
Potato pancakes.
Boiled potatoes.
Lancashire hotpot.
Roast potatoes.
Potato and leek soup.

Any other ideas for good ways to eat potatoes?


Lucy said...

Mmmm you're making me hungry! What about a stew that has potatoes in it (eg Irish stew) or homemade wedges? Maybe you could even plant a few and save some $$ that way :)

mattnbec said...

I think (not sure though) mashed potato freezes quite well. Think you could probably do the same thing with wedges. Not a new recipe, but it would enable you to use them up.

Another idea - I heard of someone filling up bags with their citrus and taking them to neighbours. That way, the fruit didn't go bad but also it was a good way to get to know the neighbours and show them love.


Jean said...

Freezing potatoes - how about that?! And great idea about the neighbours, although I don't think they'd appreciate mouldy potatoes.

Thanks for the ideas, girls.

Caroline said...

Just wait till your children get older! (well obviously that won't solve the immediate problem.) My 4boys are aged from 10 to 16 and we'd eat that quantity of potatoes in less than a week. And I don't have to do anything special with them, they just eat them plain boiled, mashed or baked. If you've still got any left, my only suggestion would be pumpkin and potato soup.