Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sunday School - Proverbs (9) wisdom wind-chimes

You may remember that our Sunday School series on Proverbs started with an ambitious plan to make wisdom wind-chimes out of clay. The first step was a conceptual diagram:

We used cookie cutters to cut the shapes out of clay, and my art-teacher friend fired them in her kiln:

The children decorated the top sections with the word "wisdom", using textas, which worked surprisingly well (except the lighter colours, which disappeared under the varnish!):

Here's my son Ben decorating his:

And here's my daughter Elizabeth working on hers:

We found there wasn't time during most of our lessons to decorate the other pieces. Instead, we devoted the final week of term to decorating and varnishing the rest of the wind-chime shapes. This was a fantastic opportunity to revise our lessons. I asked the kids if they could remember what we've discussed (parents, friends money, words, work & gluttony, wisdom & folly), and they drew a picture or wrote a word representing each topic on one of the shapes. Here's my kids working on them:

I tied the shapes together using fine fishing line (quite a job!). Here's some of the finished wind-chimes:

They look great, don't they? What a wonderful reminder of what we've learned together about God's wisdom in Proverbs!

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Pam said...

I've loved all your ideas on Proverbs and the fact that you did Proverbs at all! One day I hope to borrow them.