Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To MP3 or not to MP3?

Don Carson. John Piper. Mark Driscoll. Tim Keller. Mark Dever. Josh Harris. CJ Mahaney. Rip. Sync. Play.

Remember when you had to read Desiring God to know what John Piper thought? Remember when you had to buy JI Packer's sermon collections on CD? Remember when you had to travel to a conference to hear John Stott speak?

How things have changed! Now every mega church has its main webpage, every famous preacher has his downloadable sermons, and every well-known Christian leader keeps a blog.

These days, if you see a slightly daggy middle-aged man walking along, ear buds in place, with a frown of concentration on his face instead of a swing in his step, he may be listening to a sermon on his portable MP3 player. And that harassed Christian mother in the playground might be keeping an eye on her children to the background sound of talks from the latest American female speaker.

Last year, my husband gave me an MP3 player for my birthday, and suddenly my mental life became filled with new voices. I've listened to John Piper expound the Psalms, Don Carson preach on spiritual warfare, and Carolyn Mahaney teach women from Titus 2.

The unique dangers of this wonderful new world of accessible sermons didn't occur to me until the day I listened to a talk on Psalms 42-43 by the minister from our previous church, Neil Chambers. ...

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Valori said...

Amen, Jean! Wonderful post!

Valori said...

Amen, Jean! Wonderful post!